Our Services

Miller Tree Service offers crane rental along with an experienced crane operator. 

Miller Tree Service, Inc. will recommend and preform proper pruning on your tree based on, location of the tree, species and the look you desire for your tree.  We can remove the dead or diseased limbs and make proper cuts to insure healing. We can also hang that swing for the grandkids while we are there.

Miller Tree Service can quickly and safely remove any stumps from your lawn. We will remove unwanted stumps, surface roots and grindings.  We normally grind the stump below grade or can grind as deep as eighteen inches. 

Miller Tree Service specializes in tree removal, no job is too small or too large.  We have properly trained tree climbers that can remove that tree that is dropping leaves in the pool or the tree in your living room.  We have our own crane to expedite your emergency job.

Our special this month is the Wedgle Direct-Injection for Insecticides

Wedgle Direct-Inject tree injection system allows treatment to almost any tree in 5 minutes or less!  This system delivers proven results with less chemical compared to foliage spray or soil drenching.

  • No guarding
  • No return trips
  • No mixing, spilling or spraying
  • No waiting for uptake
  • No drilling
  • No drilling damage

Usages include;  Insecticides, Fungicides, PGRs, MicroNutrients.